Cocó Park

The Cocó Ecological Park () is an area on the Rio Cocó that serves as a conservation area and state park. It is located in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, considered of great importance, both for the city, and for the biodiversity that is protected within its borders.

Containing various endemic and threatened species of plant and animal life, it is considered the most important part of Fortaleza’s natural and ecological heritage. Environmentally, it serves to reduce air temperatures in the city, and also forms a basin which prevents floods at times of high-rainfall. Economically, it is extremely important for the city, generating a large annual income from tourism.

The ecological reserve is currently under threat from a government proposal to build a viaduct that will cut into the reserve, resulting in large loss of local flora and fauna. The proposal has drawn widespread criticism from critics, including architects, university professors, environmental groups and various non-governmental organisations. Provided by Wikipedia