Made Wijaya

Made Wijaya (22 March 1953 – 28 August 2016) was an Australian landscape gardener who was based in Bali.

A world-renowned tropical garden designer, he was one of the islands most flamboyant, controversial and larger-than-life characters, an artist, designer, photographer, videographer, landscape designer and gardener, historian, journalist, humourist, satirist, diarist, anthropologist and more.

In 1973 Made Wijaya (born Michael White) sailed to Bali on a break from Architectural studies, the ketch having difficulty landing in the high seas, Made impatiently jumped overboard to swim ashore.

Born: Sydney 22 March 1953 Died: Sydney 28 August 2016 St Vincents Hospital, Sydney from Lymphoma Books: Tropical Garden Design 1999, At Home in Bali 2000, Modern Tropical Garden Design 2007, Architecture of Bali 2011.

His break became permanent as he immersed himself in Bali life, living with a Brahmin family, who informally adopted him, and visiting regularly with the Balinese royal families he learned much of the island's intricate rituals and history, "gaining an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the island that rivalled that of many Balinese", speaking Balinese fluently. In 1975 he was officially renamed Made Wijaya by a priest in a temple ceremony. Provided by Wikipedia
by Made Wijaya
Published 2003
by Made Wijaya
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