Carey Blyton

Carey Blyton (14 March 1932 – 13 July 2002) was a British composer and writer best known for his song "Bananas in Pyjamas" (1969) - which later became the theme tune for an Australian children's television series - and for his work on ''Doctor Who''. Having had a late start to his career, he mainly worked as a miniaturist, composing short orchestral scores and humorous pieces such as ''Return of Bulgy Gogo, Up the Faringdon Road, Mock Joplin and Saxe Blue''; in addition, he assisted Benjamin Britten as a music editor.

Blyton wrote incidental music for three stories in the BBC ''Doctor Who'' television series: ''Doctor Who and the Silurians'' (1970), ''Death to the Daleks'' (1974), and ''Revenge of the Cybermen'' (1975). He was noted for his use of primitive musical instruments, using Crumhorns to depict the Silurians in ''Doctor Who and the Silurians'', and serpents and ophicleides in ''Revenge of the Cybermen.'' Several CDs of his work were produced, notably ''Sherlock Holmes meets Dr Who'', showcasing his work for an unmade Sherlock Holmes animated series, cues from all three of his Doctor Who stories, and other classics such as ''Saxe Blue''.

His career was prolific, and he died in Suffolk, aged 70. Provided by Wikipedia
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