Benedict Allen

Benedict Colin Allen FRGS (born 1 March 1960) is an English writer, explorer, traveller and filmmaker known for his technique of immersion among indigenous peoples from whom he acquires survival skills for hazardous journeys through unfamiliar terrain. In 2010, Allen was elected a Trustee and Member of Council of the Royal Geographical Society.

He has recorded six TV series for the BBC, either alone or with partial or total use of camera crews, and pioneered the use of the hand-held camera for TV, for the first time allowing viewers to witness immersion of a traveller in remote environments without the artifice brought about by a camera-crew.

He has published ten books, including the ''Faber Book of Exploration'', which he edited.

Towards mid November 2017, Allen became subject to international headlines when reported missing while undertaking an expedition in Papua New Guinea. However, he resurfaced not long after, having made his way to an abandoned mission station. Provided by Wikipedia
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